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Storyboards, Layouts, Character Designs and everything between

Illustrating cars reflects the passion I have felt from the first Hot-Wheels-Toys to my '67 Mustang. From watching "The Dukes of Hazzard" as a kid to wrenching in the garage nowadays.

Or maybe it's just pretty much fun to draw muscle cars...

Featured Project:

A weekly crimestory-series for "Welt am Sonntag".

Every Sunday a new short story was published, written by acclaimed german authors.

Two scenes of the story including the main characters had to be illustrated in a modern comic-style. To achieve the subtle "graphic novel"-look I have used a lot of handmade elements like rough brushstrokes, splatters and handmade textures.

Digital illustration and inks with Wacom intuos.

Final touch ups and composing in Photoshop.

"Mord am Sonntag" Serie

After working on comic books for over 10 years it was a small step to storyboarding.

And it was extremely helpful to have some experience in indie-filmmaking and editing to understand the dynamics of moving images. A lot of storyboards are animated nowadays, so the company who's producing the "Animatic" from my storyboard-keyframes is always thankful to work with an illustrator who has some animation-knowledge.

There is a renaissance going on in using characters for advertising and marketing. Whether it's  the Disney/Pixar-style, a modern comicbook-look or the weirdo-characters from the world of Graffiti, Street-Art & Vinyltoys.
An illustrated character is the most likable way to deliver a company's message and a catchy and memorable approach to product-packaging.
Just look at your breakfast-cereals!

The illustrated Pin-Up-Girl has always been a loophole to communicate your message in the most sexy way - without getting too cheesy or explicit like a photography may be.

Looking back at the glory days of the american Pin-Up (Elvgren, Vargas, etc.) we witness a revival of the 50s and the sassy attitude of sexy yet  self-confident ladies in advertising and entertainment.

Here's to Bettie Page, Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell!

Featured Project:
FIFA World Football Museum

I was hired by TRIAD to illustrate 3 of the World championship collages that went on display in the new FIFA  Museum in Zurüch. 1982, 1990 and 2002 were illustrated in a style reflecting the zeitgeist of each era and showing the key moments of the championship.

1990 and 2002 were created with watercolor and digital inks, 1982 is a digital illustration.

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